The usual shipping time is about 2 weeks(14 days) according to our shipping experience.

-We work hard to ensure your order gets shipped within 2~5 days of your purchase. Shipping times will vary depending on your location.

-You will receive your tracking information to the customer service provided. Please check your Whatsapp/IMessage/Email if you do not receive it. You may track your order through the carrier that is listed with your tracking number, or through the ink provided.

-Yes, we ship to your Country! Regardless of your international location, our shipping times remain consistent and we will always use the best carrier available to ensure your order arrives to you safely.

-We cannot guarantee the listed shipping times as occasionally there are delays with the carrier that are out of our control.

-You can use the tracking number provided by customer service to track your package. We do not have any additional information than what shows on the carriers tracking website. Once shipped, we do not have any ability to speed up the process of your shipment.

-Your order may take the full estimated shipping (Business Days) time to get to you. If your order status shows up as any of the following:

“Estimated Delivery Date – Pending” (Fedex)

“USPS Currently Awaiting Package” (USPS)

“USPS Awaiting Item” (USPS)

“Shipper has generated a label but the shipment has not yet been handed to DHL” (DHL)

These updates are normal, and indicate your package has been shipped by us and is now in the hands of the carrier.


-When ordering from our website, it is your responsibility to know your country’s specific duties and fees that may be charged to accept your order. We recommend researching the duties and fees required from your custom department before ordering. In most cases there is no additional fee to accept your order. We are not responsible for the duties or taxes imposed by your country.


It is very rare packages get taken by customs. Because of the extreme rarity of this case, we will issue you a free resend of your order if it has been seized by customs.